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Membership Roster

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Members of the Library Society of the World


Amelia Abreu (Booktruck)


Sarah Aerni: gmail: aernis AIM: aerniwow


Jo Alcock (Joeyanne Libraryanne): para-professional in the UK, currently studying for my MSc via distance learning


Jaclyn Bedoya: gmail:jaclynbedoya; Yahoo:omeyasan


Kelley Beeson: Public Librarian who loves them kids and that darn technology; afewsocks at yahoo dot com;


Heidi Blanton (heidi go seek): Info Gal & Wiki Warrior in Detroit, MI. heidigoseek77 on AIM and Skype, heidigoseek everywhere else (gmail, twitter, friendfeed, flickr, brightkite, tumblr).


Holly Blosser, Library Society Gnome, Mistress of Indecision: hollysue on Gmail/Twitter/Y!M/Meebo


Laura Botts: one-woman Special Collections department in Georgia, USA; Gmail/GTalk laura.botts; laurabotts on Twitter


Michelle Boule (A Wandering Eyre): Geek Librarian, contact: mboule at gmail dot com or AIM: LeFey6


Cindy Bowen: newbie librarian; AIM: aurora8301, gmail: cynthia.bowen or pvv8301, yahoo: pvv8301


Kristin Boyett (BiblioPonderings): leslie511 on Yahoo, kmboyett on Gmail, consistantly confused on Earth


Fiona Bradley (Semantic Library, Blisspix): Australian librarian, gmail: blisspix


Thomas Brevik (Librarian 1.5): Norwegian librarian, gmail: thomas.brevik


Peter Bromberg (Library Garden | PeterBromberg.com) NJ Library guy who thought he was already on this roster! Twitter: pbromberg Gmail: peterbromberg. I'm a scorpio who like sunsets, horses, candle-lit dinners, and long walks on the beach. Let's connect!


Amy Buckland : soon to be MLIS'd from McGill University. i tweet/blog as jambina.


Christa Burns : Blog o' Randomness


Kaijsa Calkins (Jag söker job): gmail/twitter/flickr: kaijsa; LibraryThing: haloolah


Laura Carscaddon,  Business librarian type, ellbeecee on gmail and twitter, very occasional blogger at Required Field Must Not Be Left Blank.


Carolyn Ciesla: twitter: thatmonkeygirl; gmail: carolynciesla


Glenda Claborne (main site - softtester.org [a Drupal site]; subsites - Biblioteche, Librari e Editori [another Drupal site]; Tools4Use [a Moodle site]; PIM for Gecks [a WordPress blog])


Julian Clark (no blog): Sports Information Director, Athletic Director, Minister of Fun


Maurice Coleman (The Chronicles of the (almost) Bald Trainer) Organizer and Wrangler for T is for Training podcast, Library (mostly) Technology Trainer who you can find in many different virtual places as baldgeekinmd (IM/Skype/FriendFeed/at Gmail.com email/FaceBook among many) or baldgeek (Slideshare, LibraryThing among others.) Check my blog for the full monty of places you can find me.  Or keep a look out for a Black Wii guy with a serious afro.


Sue Cook (no blog): Twitter: Suelibrarian, Gmail: suecooklibrarian


Daniel Cornwall (Alaskan Librarian, Free Government Information) - Documents Jedi and apprentice branch manager. dcornwall or alaskanlibrarian on most sites.


Anna Creech (eclectic librarian) gmail: eclecticlibrarian


Connie Crosby (Crosby Group, conniecrosby, Slaw, law.librarians) - consultant & law librarian, based in Toronto, Canada. gmail and twitter: conniecrosby


Laura Crossett (lis.dom): Grammarian in Chief, newrambler on gmail/talk and twitter


Karin Dalziel (nirak.net): Library Assistant, Nebraska. gmail: karindalziel


Janis Dawson (jandawson.net): Project Coordinator and Virtual Reference Librarian for Ask Ontario, tweets/friendfeeds as nunanishi, nuna nishi in SL


Maura Deedy (maura and the library) twitter and flickr: mauramae


Nancy Deegan (Infollectual) - I guess I should actually update my blog now...


Ryan Deschamps (other librarian) gmail: ryan.deschamps twitter: greebie -- Secretary of Explaining Old BBS Nicknames.


Aaron Dobbs (AaronTheLibrarian) Latin:Bibliothecarius twitter: awd AIM: aaronlibrarian Y!M: AaronTheLibrarian - see Blog for more of me


Katie Dooley: working in a school and trying to figure all this out! Gmail: katie.dooley


Chaunacey Dunklee: gmail: cdunklee


Katie Dunneback (Young Librarian & Book A Month Challenge) gmail: younglibrarian, nmrtkatie AIM: slsiaconsultant Y!M: slsconsultant, Readers' Advisory fanatic


Jenny Emanuel (Random Dorkiness)


Alexia Estabrook (Medical Librarian Maven) gmail: crittersmom, meebo: medlibmaven


Amanda Etches-Johnson (blogwithoutalibrary.net) (got my LSW ribbon today ;)


Meredith Farkas (Information Wants to be Free)


Polly-Alida Farrington (pafa.net)


Ahniwa Ferrari (ahniwa.com): Project Coordinator for Ask-WA (the Washington State Virtual Reference Cooperative); does odd jobs pertaining to Library Development at the Washington State Library, including mgt. of the blog. With a name like that, you can find him anywhere.


Jason Fields -- BSUphenyks on Twitter, jasonlibrarian on the IMs


Deborah Fitchett (blog) gmail: deborah.fitchett; friendfeed: deborahfitchett


Megan Fitzgibbons: a librarian in Canada. gmail: megan.fitzgibbons, Twitter uinen


Valerie Forrestal (Ridiculously Digitally Ubiquitous) ff: vforrestal; twitter: val_forrestal


Katie Fortney (mostly blogless): katiefortney on gmail and yahoo.  Recovering lawyer & library student.


Stephen Francoeur (Digital Reference) "Move it or lose it."


Virginia Franklyn: Web Developer -- vfranklyn on twitter, http://ppld.org


Jenna Freedman (transitioning from old website to new one): AIM, GTalk, Yahoo: BarnardLibJenna. Jabber: jenna.


Steve Garwood (stevegarwood.com , screencasting.pbwiki.com , russl.pbwiki.com)


Dave Goldfein: La Crosse Public Library


Anne Graham: Soon to be MLIS graduate and seeker of job mojo, gmail: anne.m.graham


Maureen Graham : Information Nerd-- TechoGeek--Bookpusher75 on Yahoo IM, gmail:pigsfly2000


Kathryn Greenhill (Librarians Matter) : Antipodean Antibibliorthodoxist


Jason Griffey (Pattern Recognition): Geek. griffey at gmail.com, AIM: cryptonom1


Matt Gullett (occasional poster to YouthTech): gmail/skype: mgullett


Chad Haefele (Hidden Peanuts): Academic reference librarian / geek


Ellen M. Hampton (Info Sandbox): E-Learning Librarian, LNatBaylor on AIM, ehampton on gmail and twitter.


Martha Hardy (Vital Library): aka grasshopper. twitter: grasshopperlibr. meebo: mhardy.


Sarah Mae Harper (Reading Log) Radical, Militant, YA Librarian; meebo: sarahmae


Christopher Harris (Infomancy) Token School Librarian, gmail: infomancy


Colleen S. Harris (Guardienne of the Tomes): (aka "warmaiden" in gmail, twitter, LibraryThing, flickr, Ravelry) Reference & Instruction librarian, poetess. Professional nerd, cape optional.


Laura "Rikhei" Harris (Llyfrgellydd): Government Documents Librarian (a.k.a. "Depository Dame"). Can be found as rikhei or ljharris most places online.


Rochelle Hartman (Tinfoil+Raccoon) Co-Founder and Vice President of Ridiculous Content; gmail: lisrochelle


Jessica Hollingshead : The revolutionary future librarian/present acquisitions asst. gmail : jessicanreyes. twitter : Jessica_DC


Brian R. Huffman, Washington County Law Librarian (Stillwater, MN)


Jill Hurst-Wahl (Digitization 101 & eNetworking 101): tweets as Jill_HW


Tom Ipri (Tombrarian)


Jill Jarrell: Teen Services Librarian--jobill on twitter, jill.jarrell on gmail


Iris Jastram (Pegasus Librarian


Rebecca Johnson (horrible blog updator!): Reference Assistant, working towards MLA, beccalovesbooks@yahoo dot com


Wendy Juniper: Librarian at Nazareth Memorial Library, wamokes @ yahoo. com


Reuben Kaller: Reference/Instruction Librarian and Young Berkeley Godling. gmail- rkaller


Amy Kearns: Program Coordinator, Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative; Twitter: Akearns; Gmail/talk: amy.kearns and libraryamy; Library Garden


Sheila Kearns: no public profile to speak of, just trying to live diffidently in a 2.0 world; gmail: smhkearns


Nancy Kellett: Gmail/Twitter nkellett; SL Liatris Tidewater; Flickr nkellettdotmac; AIM infouberbabe


Tim Keneipp: New & Emerging Technologies Librarian, La Crosse Public Library (baiscally the web and intranet design guy), Wisconsin, timk@lacrosselibrary.org , Library Goon, tkeneipp on FaceBook.


June Keuhn (Technically a librarian): Bibliophile, AIM/Y!/MSN jhkeuhn; Yahoo! jhkeuhn


Melissa Kiser (The Finisher: ACPL ITS Librarian) IT Services Librarian, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana; mkiser[at]acpl.lib.in.us; Twitter et al.: mekiser  Official title: The IT Fairy  Other Official Title: The Finisher


Mindy Kittay (The Library Lounge): Finance Director, MLS, Rangeview Library District, Colorado.


Ruth Kneale (Random Musings from the Desert; You Don't Look like a Librarian; new web site coming soon): Systems Librarian in the Desert, webmistress and librarian-image junkie. Gmail/talk ruth.kneale; twitter desertlibrarian; AIM najmacat; MSN rkneale@nso.edu; Yahoo rkneale17. (Yeah, I need to get it all together.)


Joe Kraus (Nuthingbut.net) Academic reference librarian; jkraus at mines dot edu, swish at nuthingbut dot net, Twitter: @OAJoe


Jeff Kreger (LibraryFusion) AIM/twitter: conspir4cy


Jessica Langlois (Cool Librarian): Cool Librarian Exatraordinaire -- AIM/Y!M:jaycie29; gmail: referencejess; Skype/Twitter: coollibrarian


Catherine Lavallée-Welch (USF Polytechnic Library): clw at poly dot usf dot edu


Steve Lawson (See Also…): Carping Nerdboy-Elect For Life


Rudy Leon: gmail:rudy.leon;Y!M rudileon; twitter Rudibrarian


Kendra K. Levine (Library Attack): Transportation something or other. kendrak @ gmail, twitter, flickr, FriendFeed


Mike McDermott (mcmikedermott) : mcmikedermott @ gmail, twitter, flickr, AIM, Y!M, skype, etc...


Randi Mason: facebooklinkedin; twitter @randimason or @prsanews; YIM(prsaprc);


Connie Masson (My Blog) K12 District Manager of Library Services and Instructional Technology; twitter, skype, myspace, facebook = cmasson50


Brian Mayer Kwisatz Haderach & (LibraryGamer): library technology specialist, avid gamer, adjusting to fatherhood, always a kid inside


Melissa McCarthy (blog isn't remotely library-related): gmail: melissa.d.mccarthy | LinkedIn: melissamccarthy | LibraryThing & del.icio.us: Risako | Council of Archives New Brunswick Archives Advisor


Sheli McHugh (Sheli's Technical Services Blog) twitter: shelitwits ; Meebo/AIM sheliTECH


Dan Messer: Circ Jerk, Tech Spec, and your very own Dr. Gonzo. Blog: Not All Bits. Twitter: sonorandragon and circguy. greatwesterndragon (at) gmail (dot) com. Gtalk: greatwesterndragon. Meebo: greatwesterndragon


Joy Weese Moll (Wanderings of an online librarian): joyweesemoll on Yahoo (preferred email) and Gmail/Gtalk


Cindy Moore (On The Same Page) LibraryThing, Linkedin


Anne Mostad-Jensen: twitter: anneliv skype: annemj82 gmail: annemj82 MLIS student from St.Kates


Joshua M. Neff (the goblin in the library): Co-Founder, Carping Nerdboy, and Vice Admiral of Grand Delusions


Kenley Neufeld (misc.joy): IM/Skype/Twitter/http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" _fcksavedurl=">http://del.icio.us/gmail" href="/http://del.icio.us/gmail" class="linkification-ext">del.icio.us/gmail: kenleyneufeld


Bobbi Newman (Librarian by Day)


Jere Odell (Bioethics Librarian); twitter: jereodell


Mark O'English (not ashamed to be blogfree).  Translates technophiles for technophobes and vice versa.


Dominique Papin (Dominique, bibl. prof - in French)


Edie Phillips (Park County wiki) moving fever. See transition committee.


Gary Pollack (from library admin and technologist) to (evil-notreally-vendor)  Should information be free?


Jaime Prideaux (Talking Books Librarian, twitter: talkingbooks)


Lauren Pressley (Lauren's Library Blog): AIM/Gmail/Skype/Twitter/Y!M: laurenpressley


Jennie Pu (mulaohu); gmail: askjennie; mulaohu on twitter;


Jason Puckett (jasonpuckett.net); instructional technology specialist, bon vivant. AIM: JasonPLibrary


Aubrey Rahab (breakyrlibrary) public reference librarian, web worker bee


Jenny Reiswig - i'm bmljenny in most places.  bml stands for biomedical library.  jenny stands for jenny.


Angela Roberts, School Library Media Specialist, writer of books for children, and freelance researcher; hotmail: aellisroberts


Jenica Rogers-Urbanek (RogersUrbanek.wordpress.com): rogersurbanek at gmail dot com or AIM/Twitter: Jenica26 or Y!M: jenicaparker


Arun Sannuti: asannuti at library dot caltech dot com 


Greg Schwartz (Open Stacks, Uncontrolled Vocabulary): Past-President of Podcasting MIG - planetneutral in just about all formats


Kate Sheehan (loose cannon librarian): kate at loosecannonlibrarian dot net itsjustkate on twitter


Linda Shippert: Punk Librarian Deluxe; gmail: linda.shippert, Y!M: lindashippert


Jason Eugene Shoup; Childish & Unprofessional;punkrawkgaminglegoyalibrarian in the 505


Andrew Shuping:  ILL/Circulation, techie something or other, gmail/gtalk:  ashuping,   twitter: ashuping


Carolyne Sidey, Manager Xerox Research Centre of Canada Library, library dot blogger at gmail.com http://carolyne-stuff.blogspot.com


Jennifer Smathers (HockeyLibrarian.LiveJournal.com): hockeylibrarian in most places.


Jonathan M. Smith: techie librarian @ Catholic Univ.; facebook, gmail: smith.jm, twitter: l1br4r14n, AIM: cuajms


Lorre Smith; ( Copyright Resources and Current Issues; Science Library Podcasts) University at Albany, SUNY; twitter: LorreS; meebo/aim: lorregis; facebok: Lorre Smith


Margaret Smith: academic librarian (double agent), chat: bobstmeg


Pete Smith Abstractor of the Quintessence gmail: lookitup AT gmail DOT com


Robert Smith: Resident English Alien and Head of Systems at the Linda Hall Library Kansas City, MO; smithr at lindahall dot org - twitter smithrobert 


Tiffany Smith: Resident librarian on knowledge management team; tiffany.lmb.smith at gmail


Tricia Southard: Grad student and circulation desk manager (will add more details a little later).


Nancy Spaid: Systems Librarian = double-whammy geek. gmail, twitter: nspaid; YahooIM: nancys9999


Courtney Stephens (Library Chic): gmail: court1824, AIM: a2003librarychic (library_chic or library-chic just about everywhere)


Sia Stewart:  Director, Kingston (MA) Public Library  facebook; sia.stewart@gmail.com; twitter: sia_stewart


W. Greg Taylor (My Page on Library 2.0 Ning): Public Librarian, Information Co-op member & Canadian fellow traveller


Lisa C. Thomas: digital collections librarian, peanut butter & jelly enthusiast. 


Patricia Thompson (Relative Perspective): e-resources librarian and AUL; PRThompson on twitter; pthompso@sewanee.edu


Sara Quinn Thompson (Librarienne): gmail - sara.q.thompson; library student and wannabe library revolutionary


Jill Tinsley: University of Arizona Graduate Student, School of Information Resources and Library Science


Cindi Trainor (Citegeist): library geek & real life book reader; cindiann at gmail; IM cinditrainor; twitter cindi; flickr cindiann; Antiantidisestablishmentarianista


Brandi Tuttle: academic medical librarian, contact info


Anna Van Scoyoc (first conclusions): instructional technology + outreach; annavan (aim, twitter); anna.vanscoyoc@gmail.com


Dani Vaughn-Tucker (Curious Child's Library Wanderings, Archival Wanderings): Reference Librarian & Archivist at Misericordia University; tweet as curiouschild; facebook ; thefarpavillion at hotmail dot com


Betsy Vera (formerly, This Week in LibraryBlogLand): bentley at umich dot edu; livejournal: bentleywg


Scott Vieira (The Book of Nature): Instructional Design Librarian; gmail: scottvieira


Rachel Walden (Women's Health News): Medical Librarian, Nashville, TN. rachel_w on twitter.


Aspen Walker, MLS student; Assistant to Library Director, Jamie LaRue; Douglas County Libraries, Colorado; twitter: AspenWalker; toadflaxwalker@gmail.com


David Webb (no personal blog): Public/Reference Librarian in Virginia;  gmail: infoprofess


Jessamyn West (librarian.net) -- fixer.


Constance Wiebrands (Ruminations)


Morgan Wilson (explodedlibrary.info) - Special Rapporteur for the Special Treatment of Sponsors


Gregg Winsor (Bookpusher): Minister of Popular Culture, Reader's Advisory Supafreak, Cub Reporter. Gmail: gregg.winsor@.


Krista Godfrey (theweelibrarian): liaison librarian and wannabe techy. twitter: weelibrarian; aim: weelibrarian; gmail: theweelibrarian1


Lorena O'English (Interrupt Driven): Social Sciences Librarian...more later, perhaps!


Bob Robertson-Boyd: fostering online community, playing in 2.0 world, coffee roaster, product manger at a big vendor WorldCat.org/blogs


Matt Hamilton (The Brewin' Librarian): Jabberw0cky, Brewmaster of LSW-Boulder Chapter "Library Super Friends League". Currently MLS student. Gmail and twitter: thebrewinlibrarian


 Joy Wheeler Media Librarian (Art Design and Media Libraryat Nanyang technological University NTU)


Stephanie Henderson: "Special Projects Librarian" Night Elf Druid in WoW. Gmail:  gotham20




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