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A bunch of us LSW members will be attending Internet Librarian in Monterey, so let's meet up! Monday night for dinner and/or drinks seems like a good time.


Josh sez: Location? I'm thinking the Crown & Anchor would be a good spot: decent menu, good drinking spot, easy place for people to drop in and out of. But if anyone has a better idea, I'm open.

* I agree -- looks great! (Jenica)

* Looks fantastic to me. Laura


The Crown & Anchor it is! Let's start meeting there at 6:00 pm, but people can come join anytime after that (or before, if you're feeling particularly eager).


If you're going to be at IL 2007 and want to meet up on Monday night, add your name to the list:


Joshua Neff

Holly Blosser (love the Crown & Anchor - sounds great to me!)

Jenica Rogers-Urbanek

Laura Carscaddon (If I don't make dinner, I'll definitely make drinks - just tweet if the location changes).

Beth Hoffman

Tom Ipri (possibly just for the "or drinks" part and probably with sig other in tow)

Meredith Farkas (with the hubby) - for the drinks part (can't say no to a free dinner with the Info Today books folks)

Cindi (maybe, and prolly just for drinks)

Jennifer Johnson (maybe for drinks)

Aurora Jacobsen

Steven Kaye

Ruth Kneale - might come by and bring the LU/NextGen diners with me!  (We'll see what the hive mind says.)


What the heck, let's meet up Tuesday, too! If you'd like to gather for sushi right after sessions end on Tuesday, meet in the Portola lobby at 5:00 p.m. and we'll head out!


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