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Internet Librarian 2008

Page history last edited by Matt Hamilton 13 years, 2 months ago
  • Holly Blosser (hollysue most places; will be there Sat-Thurs)
  • Laura Carscaddon (ellbeecee most places on the interwebs and yes, I'll need a roommate - at least one)
  • Connie Crosby (conniecrosby & crosbygroup on twitter; hoping to do vacation afterward)
  • Laura Crossett (newrambler on gmail/Twitter; theblackmolly on AIM)
  • Colleen Harris (aka warmaiden on Twitter/Gtalk/Friendfeed, 'metis79' on AIM; doing a preconf & another program, sticking around til end)
  • Iris Jastram
  • Jennifer Johnson (if everything goes as planned and it always does, right?! :) chiaroscuro2 on twitter/friendfeed)
  • Steven Kaye (chorazos on AIM; stevenkaye on Friendfeed. I'll be there Saturday-Tuesday.)
  • Steve Lawson (doing the Academic Library 2.0 preconference & sticking around for some of the rest)
  • Rudy Leon (aka rudibrarian on twitter/AIM, rudy.leon on gmail, rudyleon on meebo)
  • Bobbi Newman (librarianbyday, just about everywhere)
  • Kenley Neufeld (kenleyneufeld on all the normal channels)
  • Polly-Alida Farrington - hoping to be there - if all goes well.
  • Jenica Rogers-Urbanek (Jenica26 everywhere you might think to look; Jenica in a few others, rogersurbanek at Wordpress.)
  • Courtney Stephens -- (librarychic just about everywhere, court1824 on Gchat. I'll be there probably Sat-Thurs (10/18-10/23)
  • Cindi Trainor (citegeist on twitter; cinditrainor on the IM of your choice)
  • Jezmynne Westcott (jezmynne on twitter; jez91711 on IM)
  • Ruth Kneale (looking forward to it!)
  • Meg Smith (MegvsMeg on everything)
  • Kate Sheehan (itsjustkate on most social networks, loosecannonlibrarian.net. preconference, regular session, hoping to tack on some vacation time afterwards!)
  • Matt Hamilton (brewinlibrarian most everywhere, thebrewinlibrarian at others-- I'll get there sometime Sunday afternoon or evening and leave right after Wednesday's closing keynote)


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