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Page history last edited by joe kraus 4 years, 8 months ago

This wiki is defunct! It is no longer active!


The main place now for LSW discussion is on Mokum (http://mokum.place/lsw). Create an account on mokum.place first, then you can see and respond to all of the LSW chatter and discussion.


Welcome to the wiki for the Library Society of the World! By joining the Society, you are joining a world-spanning group of library professionals and library advocates, dedicated to furthering the role of librarians, archivists, information professionals, and information educators through communication and collaboration. The LSW is about people, not buildings (although some of us think architecture is sexy). It's about friendship, not organization. It's about creating and fostering opportunities, not building barriers and divisions.


Joining and participating in the LSW costs nothing besides time and energy.


This wiki will be used to develop the ideas, programs, alliances, and Policies of the LSW. Some of us even used it to do a presentation at CIL08!


This wiki was started by Joshua M. Neff, but he doesn't have the final say in any of this.


For further communication, socializing, and development, use the Facebook group, the Flickr group, the LibraryThing group, the Tangler discussion forum (gone), the LinkedIn Group (not very active), and the Google Calendar (it still works, but nothing of note is there).


You might want to read this introduction to the Meebo Room if you're a newcomer just to get a sense of the place.


Iris also wrote an origin story for the LSW.


New: Place yourself on the Map!


Newer: Join the Last.fm Group! (gone)


Newest: Get yourself some merch, particularly of the cod kind!


Whatever you do, don't click here during your presentation!


Comments (3)

(account deleted) said

at 10:41 am on Mar 4, 2009

You've given me admin rights. Did you really want to do that? Cheers, vfranklyn.

aellisroberts said

at 11:25 am on Mar 4, 2009

I also suddenly have admin rights. I'm getting emails asking to accept/deny new members, for example.

joshuamneff@... said

at 12:13 pm on Mar 4, 2009

Sorry, folks. All I did was press the little upgrade button. Apparently it gave everyone in the known universe admin rights. I'm trying to figure out how to stop that.

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