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Free Professional Development

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If you want to grow in your library/information-based profession, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, here are ways you can do it for free.






Criteria for using a Web Service at Your Library


Keeping Up


Tips on Keeping Up


Keeping Up When You Don't Have the Time (The Shifted Librarian)

If I just had 15 minutes each day (Information Wants To Be Free)


Good Sites to Read


Carnival of the Infosciences 



Other Social Sites (you can contribute to)


Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Library 2.0 network


Education and Development


Five Weeks to a Social Library


The official site

A model for the future of online learning (Information Wants To Be Free)

My Reflections on Five Weeks and Librarianship (A Wandering Eyre)

Random Thoughts on Five Weeks (Caveat Lector)

Reflections on Five Weeks to a Social Library (Library Web Chic)

Making Five Weeks to a Social Library happen: the down and dirty (Information Wants To Be Free)

Want to implement social software at your library? (Information Wants To Be Free)


Learning 2.0


Learning 2.0

Learning 2.1

Missouri River Regional Library (MRRL) Library Learning 2.0




Social Software Showcase

A Conference "Session" Unlike Any Other (A Wandering Eyre)

Bigwig Social Software Showcase (Pattern Recognition)

BIGWIG Social Software Showcase (Library Web Chic)

It's Not a Secret Any More (Pegasus Librarian)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Session (A Wandering Eyre)




Steve Garwood's Screencasting Wiki includes amazing resource page for screencasting


Conference reports


Umbrella 2007


CILIP's bi-annual conference. A group of us set up a wiki to report on the sessions.


Umbrella 2007 unofficial wiki

Official Umbrella 2007 page

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