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Elevator Pitch

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If you've ever had to think for a minute when asked to describe what the LSW actually *is*, then these short summaries may help:



...a way of giving official status to an unofficial gathering of librarians who, of their own initiative, are creating a community where, when, and how they want it. - Jenica Rogers-Urbanek


...a community of library workers who share information, discuss issues, collaborate on projects, and assist each other with professional development. The LSW has grown virally through online and face-to-face contact because it feels a need untouched by formal organizations. - Jill Hurst-Wahl


using social networking tools to create a needed informal community. - Baldgeekinmd


A grassroots community of library professionals using internet tools to organize and socialize. - Joshua M. Neff


Serious people doing a serious thing, but not in a serious way. - Joshua M. Neff


an informal group of librarians from across a wide variety of library types who have joined together to encourage professional development, provide on the spot assistance, and develop a strong sense of community. - Abigail (Hedgehog Lib)


It is the library "un-Association." A way of doing professional things like networking without membership fees, squeeky wheel political posturing, self-aggrandizing etc.. And I like that it does this without trying to replace regular Associations. - Ryan Deschamps


The Library Society of the World is...fnord. - Joshua M. Neff 


an ongoing, virtual library "un-conference" for all its members - Jaime/Talking Books Lib.


a place where you'll never drink alone. - Rochelle  


LSW is my Cheers - "You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same; you wanna be where everybody knows your name." - Laura Harris


A happy accident born of frustration and social software, and evidence that you do better work when you work with your friends--and that those friends may be people you've never met. - Laura Xett


The best bits of the League of Justice, a library association, an unconference, goofing off at the back of the bus, barn raising, a learning community, new web tool lab with real subjects and just hanging out - all rolled into one. - Kathryn Greenhill




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