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Pockets of LSW sometimes group together. All members of LSW are automatically members of every bunch.


For a graphic depiction, see the Map(and add yourself!)


Geographic Bunches




Western Australia


North America


Rocky Mountain -- anyone interested? Steve? Kaijsa?


Mid-Atlantic -- DelMarVa+DC


Midwest -- Heartland represent!


Northwest US - come out, come out, wherever you are!


Southwest US - Are you in the desert? Add yerself!


Northern California- There are people on the map


Southern California -- Fun in the sun!


Southeastern US-- I know there's more than just me!


Canadia -- eh?


New England -- Home of the Swamp Yankee


Northeast US -- NJ? NY? CT? Anyone else from the great "garden state" or surroundings, and willing to admit it besides me? ;-)







Thematic Bunches


The Mask and Lantern Guild--for LSW members who regularly present at conferences, or would like to


People named Laura


Temporary Bunches (aka Conference meet ups)




ALA Midwinter 2009




2008 ALA Midwinter


Computers in Libraries 2008


2008 SLA Annual Conference in Seattle


2008 ALA Annual


Internet Librarian 2008


California Library Association Conference 2008- San Jose


MLA 2008


2008 SAA Annual Meeting - San Francisco




2007 ALA Annual


Internet Librarian 2007


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