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The Library Society of the World has an ever-growing supply of brands that can be used interchangably depending on the situation. They are included below:



LSW in its RGB phase.


What about:



(Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bookgeek/544031236/)





(Source: InfoSciPhi)


Potential T-shirt slogans: complete list of LSW Slogans


On the off chance you're going to ALA WM Philadelphia, join me in having our official MW badges say "Library Society of the World" instead of your employer :)



  • The Library Society of the World: changing the library profession since 2016
  • The Library Society of the World: loud and uncataloged
  • The Library Society of the World: we shelve books by their color
  • LSW: Drinking coffee at your computers
  • LSW: We never make you come to Anaheim
  • LSW: We never make you go anywhere
  • LSW: meetings are optional, conversations are inevitable
  • LSW: You've joined. You just don't know it yet.
  • LSW: you can check out any time you like...
  • LSW: All your snark are belong to us
  • LSW: your membership card is in the mail
  • lsw: you can haz vertuwal
  • LSW: Virtual Participation Only
  • LSW! OMG! WTF!
  • LSW: More fun than colon classification
  • what dewey want? LSW! when dewey want it? NOW!
  • LSW: Snape Kills Dumbledore
  • LSW: The Snarking of the Hunt
  • LSW: Fair and Balanced
  • LSW: We Report, You Decide
  • I am lsw and you can too
  • LSW: uncontrolled minds
  • LSW: We're Truthy!
  • This LSW Could Be Your Life
  • LSW: Let your fingers do the talking
  • LSW:The Babble of Libraries
  • LSW: Library 2.0, MFs!
  • The LSW Will Not Be Televised
  • LSW: More Lauras Than You Can Count
  • LSW: feel the snarky love
  • LSW: Quietly Anarchic
  • LSW: We're All Annoyed Librarians
  • LSW We are the Annoyed Librarians
  • LSW: Library Snarkists of the World
  • LSW: we're lauracentric
  • LSW: Put it On Your Resume
  • WTF is the LSW?
  • Ell Ess Dubya. WTF?
  • Who is Elle S. Doubleyou and why should we care what she says!?
  • LSW: No Alternative
  • LSW the other white meat
  • LSW: Oh Noes!
  • LSW: So you don't have to.
  • LSW: Unite and take over!
  • LSW: LOC and Load
  • LSW: We ARE the alternative
  • Soylent LSW is ALA!
  • LSW: Dewey Decimal Revolution
  • LSW: We're the people Gorman warned you about
  • LSW we don't need no stinkin' badges
  • LSW: It's Fun Until You're Fired
  • LSW: all your opac are belong to us
  • LSW: someone set us up the blog!
  • LSW: The Global Librarian Hive Mind
  • LSW:  We Haz Collabability, Anonymanimousness and WTF H&B? 


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