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The Library Society of the World chimes in on any advocacy issue of minor relevance to anyone.   Some important areas of interest include:


  1. The coolness of Yeti Crabs.
  2. The merits of specific brands and flavors of wine, beer, cider and vanilla extract.
  3. The quality and selection of food at banquet tables.
  4. How the OPAC suck(ceed)s in bringing our users to the information they need.
  5. Lo-cal history
  6. The ma staffing of refe service points
  7. The merits of caffeinated beverages, especially coffee.
  8. Not so much advocates as appreciates the effort to change the eternal monolith that helped spawn the desire to create the LSW
  9. Knitting! and other crafty habits
  10. Baked goods and how to procure them
  11. The benefits of singing loudly and enthusiastically off-key.

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