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2008 SLA Annual

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Library Society of the World gathering


Above: Part of the group at the Nite Lite Lounge in Seattle, WA.


What a great time.  We will try to post the pictures somewhere (http://www.flickr.com/photos/desertlibrarian/2585538828/ -- Thanks Ruth and Mandy!) as soon as we can.  Joe K.


6/15: Anyone in the opening session, let's meet at the exit doors when Cerf is done talking, and we can all mob to the Nite Lite together!  (Hopefully on the free bus?)  - Ruth


6/13: From the FB event page, add in Kenn, Travis, Margaret, Nisa, Susan, Zari, and Joe M. -- So, it could be as big as 15?  There are also 25 maybe's on the FB event page.


5/20: Thanks to Katie Dunneback we'll have LSW ribbons for SLA!  w00t!  --Ruth

6/5: I have the LSW badge ribbons!  w00t.  Will have them for the meetup, and in my conference bag for passing out later.  (If anyone's willing to pitch in a buck or two towards their cost, I'd be most appreciative!)  [JK -- I will be happy to give you a couple of bucks for the ribbon.  Thanks Ruth for getting the stash.]


5/28: OK, so attendee rough order of magnitude = 8 (me, Joe, Liz (maybe) Jill, Amy, Meg, Arun, Chris).  Anyone else?


Q: So, who is going to the SLA Conference? Want to meet anywhere? Joe Kraus


Sunday Night (June 15th) around 7:15pm once Vinton Cerf is done speaking.  Ruth mentioned the Nite Lite Lounge below... Some of the reviews are a little dated, but I'll bet the place is still the same...  Bring cash, they don't take plastic. (Joe K.)


  Nite Lite Lounge

  1926 Second Ave

  Seattle, WA 98101

  Phone: 206-443-0899


http://tinyurl.com/4ou3jo (Yahoo review from another conference goer -- But do they still make "Duck Farts"?)




You can RSVP through the Facebook event page, too --  if you want...





It's a plan, Joe!  Let's do it :-)  Now we need LSW ribbons for the badges!  - Ruth



Answers: I will be there and arriving on Friday.  Sunday night has potential.  Let me know and I'll post something on the message board at SLA.

Hey Ruth,  do you want to make this a Hawaii librarians thing as well?  Liz B.


- I'm there, Joe!  Let's sort out an appropriately murky bar or pub in the area and figure out when.  LSW Lunch?  Dinner before the big party?  I'm open :-)  Added: I'll be there Saturday the 14th through Wednesday the 18th. -Ruth


- I'll be there.  Have lots on my plate already, but would like to get together. -- Jill


- me too! staying at the red lion. up for whatever!  **amy/jambina


-I am definitely interested (and new to LSW/SLA so yay!)  - meg


- I am interested as well (and also new to LSW and the SLA) - Arun


Found a list of pubs in the downtown Seattle area, at NWSource.  I, myself, think the Nite Lite Lounge sounds like fun :-) about 5 blocks from the convention center, towards Pike Place Market (has won annual awards, it seems, as Best Dive Bar).  The Green Room also sounds like a good possibility, although it's a bit further away.  Share your suggestions! As to when, how about Tuesday before the big dance party (after the Blogger's Social)? - Ruth


 - I'm in.  I've been to the Green Room, but it was a long time ago.  I remember liking it, tho. - Chris Z.


- What time would that be on Tuesday? I have to be on a 9:45pm flight (the red-eye, ugh). I have no idea what that means in terms of the time that I have to leave the conference-area though. Getting there on Friday afternoon.  meg


Meg, the Blogger's Social is 5:30-7:30, and the Under the Sea Dance starts at 9pm.  I think that would be bad for your flight, though - you'd miss it.  And I just realized, I'm a card-punching worker for the dance, so I probably have to be somewhere sorting bling and souvenirs before the dance!  What about Sunday night, instead, folks? I'm starting to lean towards the Green Room now, too, anyone else? - Ruth


i'm up for anything - this is the first SLA that i don't have to work at (other than setting up the marketplace on the 14th) so can meet up whenever. except the night of the IT party - that is going to be CRAZYFUN!  *amy


Hey now, that's a PAM/IT/and LMD party, and hell yeah it's gonna be a ton of fun!  Everyone had better be planning on going to that, dang it :-D  Joe found some very negative, recent reviews of the Green Room (very negative) so let's find somewhere else to go.  And I definitely can't do Tuesday night, for sure, as I've just been put in charge of the table decorations for the party!  Anyone else good for Sunday, say, after the Opening Session ends at 7?  - Ruth  (by the way, Liz, of course the HILibs are welcome!)


 Sunday evening (7:00pm-) is good for me, too, and it seems like a bunch of the people listed above -- I will try to find us a good place to imbibe.  Once I find a place, I will list it on the top of the page [PS. Hi Liz B.] -- Joe K.


Sunday evening works for me, too.  I'll have my s.o. with me.  This is his fourth SLA.  (What a guy!).  -- Jill


BTW Meg -- I think you're going to want to head to the airport two hours in advance.  Although the drive may be quick, it is likely you'll run into traffic.  And then there is security.  See details at http://wiki.sla.org/display/SEATTLEATTEND/Seattle+FAQ Of course, the don't tell you how much time to allot, but someone told me 1.5 - 2 hours. -- Jill


I will definitely be there. Also, thanks Jill! - Meg



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